Ariā Kuneroa

An outcomes framework that charts our intergenerational pathway to impact

Tapuwae Roa theory of change

Our theory of change is an outcomes framework that describes the future state of the world that Tapuwae Roa desires for iwi Māori.

Starting at an aspirational horizon, we asked ourselves if the Trust were to become successful beyond our wildest dreams, what outcomes and benefits would we see materialising for our people?

These aspirations included, an active and reciprocal relationship with Hinemoana and Tangaroa, thriving mātauranga Māori knowledge systems, future leaders armed with ancient wisdoms, Māori succeeding as Māori, and economic emancipation.

With our impact statements written in pen, they provide the fixed point on the horizon. From establishing this baseline, we work backwards to present day, understanding what signposts and milestones we need to achieve in order to transform these aspirations to reality.

Measuring our contribution with metrics specific to us as Māori, our definition of value reflects what matters most to us such as whānau wellbeing, or the expression of our culture.

Through direct funding, research to support evidence based decision-making, or as advocates amplifying the impact of our strategic partners in Māori communities, we aim to change the way capital is mobilised towards Māori-led initiatives.

By doing so, we can put our assets to work creating meaningful impact, and communicate this clearly to those who we represent, and to those who are similarly motivated to invest in creating a better future for our mokopuna.