Maruata Ngarewa

Ngā Rauru, Ngāti Ruanui, Ngā Ruahine, Ngāti Rangi

Pou Herenga Tangata Award recipient 2023

An innovative initiative known as “Te Aho Poutiaki” has been launched under the umbrella of the Toi Foundation. In this pioneering endeavour, a collective of young individuals from Patea have united their efforts to pioneer a grant allocation process. Through this process, we have been able to channel funds, totalling up to $50,000, towards taiohi-driven projects that have communal benefits. The benefits of this initiative has been substantial, casting a profound impact on the community. This successful model is now ready for replication across communities within Taranaki with high levels of deprivation.

While the opportunities afforded by Te Aho Poutiaki have proven immensely advantageous to numerous rangatahi-related projects, there is a critical nuance to consider. The initiative, rooted in financial support, is influential only as long as the monetary resource of $50,000. Once these funds have been used, the initiative itself encounters a standstill, along with the influence that the youth have in steering community development for their communities. This project steps forth with a proposition: leveraging this platform as a perpetual spring of funding. The goal is to create sustainable financial resources through strategic partnerships.

The blueprint involves the establishment of a core rōpū from each identified community across the region, strengthening connections, and pooling resources to establish sustainable funds. This group will also strengthen operational mechanisms. This movement is not just about momentary flashes of progress; it is underpinned by a profound purpose to engender lasting momentum. Through strategic succession planning, the initiative strives to cultivate a continuous pipeline of emerging young leaders, passionate about serving their communities, and poised to shape the landscape of the next generation.